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Traditional Kundalini Tantra Yoga

South Goa, India

The Inner Yoga of Ancient India, the Yoga of Awareness & Presence

The secret of absolute Freedom & Awakening of the Intelligence beyond Taboos!

Training for The Rebellious Hearts!

Those who are ready to challenge their own limitations in order to breakthrough the old patterns, taboos, traumas, negative emotions and to allow the nectar of life to flow eternally. When the energy is not wasted in any conflicts, the same energy awakens the Kundalini Shakti, that is also called flowering of consciousness and that is our true nature.

Mukta Kundalini Tantra Yoga shares the golden secret keys to free all the energies which are entangled in inner conflicts, patterns and negative emotions in order to awaken the Chakras & Kundalini to realised our true potential.

Note – there is no sexual activities in our courses as it is based on Indian Traditional Tantra Yoga and not on new age Western Tantra.

Mukta Tantra Yoga is not Hatha Yoga or Neo Western Tantra or Western Kundalini Yoga. Historically, it is the only philosophy in the world that is not male chauvinistic and doesn’t discriminate between any nationality, class, color, gender, sexual orientation and religion. It has evolved very differently in a non-dualistic environment and passed orally from generations to generations in a practical way. 

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“Kundalini is the source of all yoga

– Rudrayamala Tantra –
kundalini tantra yoga teacher training india

200 Hrs Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher Training (TTC)

3 Weeks – South Goa, India

Yoga Alliance International Certification

Become your own yoga teacher first then share your wisdom with others. If you are not looking for just certification but putting your passionate efforts to understand and to be the light to yourself, then you can begin your teaching journey…

Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher Training/Retreat

1 Week – South Goa, India

Mukta Community Association Certification

If you are really passionate about Tantra Yoga and want to share it with others, become a Tantra Yoga teacher and fulfill a carrier path. Designed for those who have less time, already qualified teachers or students, intelligent beginners or open minded.

tantra yoga retreat india

Intensive Kundalini Tantra Yoga Retreat

1 & 2 Weeks – South Goa, India

Mukta Community Association Certification

Taste the Essence of Asiatic Mysticism to manifest your true freedom. For those looking for practical spirituality without following any guru or system of belief, neither getting lost in philosophies and want to understand themselves through…

A Radical Transformation with the Essence of Eastern Wisdom

“Spirituality is not conforming to any spiritual or worldly pattern,

rather letting go all the patterns and be completely free.”

– Mukta –
transformational life coaching

Life Coaching Session with Eastern Wisdom

Online – India – All year

Designed for a profound transformation if you are ready to go beyond self-created limitations to live a fulfilled happy life, not just looking for a temporary fix. Understand and breakthrough your fears, emotional issues…

transformational coaching for entrepreneur

Groundbreaking Session for Entrepreneurs

Online – India – All year

Designed for entrepreneurs living in fast pace competitive world with limited time and a fierce desire to shift their perception and consciousness through Eastern Wisdom. Crack the code of your potential.

vedic astrology reading

Vedic Astrology Reading with a Tantric Approach

Online – India – All year

Understand your type and flow in order to live a fulfilled and successful life. Astrology chart is our genetic code. Understanding it and oneself is more important than the ideas we have of what we want to be.

tantric course in india

Other Tantric Courses – For sincere seekers only

Online – India – All year

Traditional Kundalini Power Yoga, Tantra Meditation, Tantric Vipassana, Find your Inner Goddess, Advance Tantric Breath, Traditional Tantric Yin Heart Yoga, Traditional Tantric Chakras, Tantric Soma Activation, etc …

“Second-hand knowledge of the self gathered from books or gurus can never emancipate a man until its truth is rightly investigated and applied; only direct realisation will do that. Realise yourself turning the mind inward. “

– Tripura Rahasya 18:89 –


“Kundalini-power is of the form of eight coils above the Kanda; she is the cause of bondage for those who are unspiritual, and of liberation for the yogis.”

– Yogachudamanyupanishad –
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