What is the essence of Mukta Tantra Yoga?

It is not only about learning Asanas, Philosophy and Tantra Yoga rather it is all about oneself and being present in the moment, it does not matter what we are doing. It is not based on following any system, guru or searching something in the future rather opening up all senses to manifest life as it comes in the moment. Rightly and systematically using Traditional Tantric asanas, Kundalini, Chakras, complete science of sounds, mantras, vibrations, bandhas, prana, visualization, and direct seeing without the interference of ones own conditioned mind to manifest our true nature which is already there, beyond all likes and dislikes.
Awareness is not a practice because you are it, just don’t loose it.

‘Mukta‘ means ‘free’ or liberated

‘Tantra‘ is a science to experience and express our consciousness which is eternal and always beyond body, mind and feelings. There is no goal to achieve rather experiencing the true bliss of life which is already there.

There is no Path to Freedom. You are Freedom. Until our freedom is manifested biologically, psychologically & emotionally, it remains simply an idea but life is not an idea. It is a vibrant reality in the here and now.

Mukta Tantra Yoga is the essence of all Asiatic Traditional Tantra Yoga. It makes us aware of the subtle energies of chakras frequencies, spiritual bodies, pranic breath bodies, sounds, visualizations and the five senses which are connected with the pure consciousness to untap the free flow of life, which is called Kundalini in Tantra. To understand and freeing these energies, we use practical philosophy inspired by Traditional Tantra, Kashmiri Shaivism, Agama, Trika or Himalayan Tantra, the essence of The Heart Of Shiva.

The purpose of Mukta Tantra Yoga is not to get lost in tantric philosophies rather tasting the true flavour of it, to manifest our true nature. It is not Neo-Tantra.

What is the difference between Mukta Tantra Yoga & normal Hatha yoga practice?

Practical implications of Tantra Yoga are very different to normal Hatha yoga, as Tantra Yoga has evolved in a non-dualistic way. In normal Hatha yoga practice, we are using our body, mind & senses to achieve self centered goals, which are always based on hopes and desires somewhere in the future, so our present is sacrificed for the future. It is dualistic. Just Body-oriented yoga is usually concerned with the alignment of the body but ignores the spiritual alignment of an individual which is the main purpose of all Indian Mysticism.

Mukta Tantra Yoga is going beyond dualistic body, mind, breath, chakras and senses. In order to use dualistic body, mind & senses to express our true freedom (also called Pure consciousness by Shiva), which is already inherited in the present moment. The moment you start looking or searching for happiness or freedom outside or inside it just becomes an escape. Mukta Tantra makes us aware of this freedom which is already there. We just get distracted with the objective or subjective world. In Mukta Tantra Yoga, no worldly, spiritual and emotional escape exists. Mukta Tantra Yoga does not believe in following blindly any system, Guru and ideology, it rather supports free awareness born out of direct observation which is not self-centered. Awareness makes us present to face daily life as it comes and responding with the fresh intelligence of the moment.

What is the difference between sexually inspired tantra and Mukta Tantra Yoga?

Love is not a skill but an Art. Love flows naturally in deep intimacy. Intimacy can not be taught. Making love without an intimacy is prostitution and leads to sufferings. Mukta Tantra Yoga is not dependent on the other for love or transformation, because it will create dependence that eventually creates slavery and sufferings. Mukta Tantra unfolds your true love and freedom which is already there and it naturally gets shared in daily life without the idea of sharing. A person who has love in his heart does not seek for it in others. All seeking and searching for happiness, love and freedom shows that it is not there and how can we share something we do not have. True love is love for all. When love gets directed to only one person it becomes lust. Sharing lust can be mistaken as love. Mukta Tantra is complete freedom from dependence of other. When you are not dependent on others emotionally, physically and mentally then you truly can love. That love will not have a shadow of sufferings. There is no true relation between two isolated egos but two freedoms always meet naturally. When “I” is not, life is. Love is not an idea and the idea of love is not love. When all ideas disappear love appears. Love is not a skill and it can not be learnt. It is our true nature. Shiva calls it pure consciousness.

How can it help us?

Mukta Tantra Yoga is choice-less awareness in the moment. Tantra is not against the senses, it uses senses to experience life in its all colors. It doesn’t teach us to control our mind, but rather makes us aware of it, so we can use it to support our true nature. Tantra helps us to feel our own presence in order to live harmoniously.

Boost the Brain / Neuroplasticity: through self-awareness, Mukta Tantra Yoga helps to vitalize the brain plasticity and rewire the brain according to the essential nature of the individual, and activate the Soma in the brain. This will benefit oneself to:

-Reduce stress disorder

-Boost life energy

-Dissolve negative emotional patterns

-Increase contentment

-Improve constructive thinking

-Cure learning disorders

-Treat various psychiatric disorders

-Rehabilitate stroke victims

-Activate the Bliss state through Soma within us

According to Indian Mysticism, you have the brain, you are not the brain, therefore we can reformat it when we operate from the pure consciousness (Shiva).

Quantum Physics and Brain/Neuroscience are realizing many facts which has been experienced by Tantric Mystics thousands of years back.

How does it work?

We express our freedom through a range of carefully developed Tantric asanas (yoga postures), Tantric breathwork, mudras, bandhas, Yantras and Mantra (the science of Sound).

Mukta Tantra Yoga is not used to gain or achieve freedom – through it we can express the freedom we already have.

Why we do all these practices if we already are what we are?

Our senses become dull through living a very limited or insensitive life. Society doesn’t allow us to fully express ourselves so we live in partiality and that blocks all the energies and leads us to overthink, overeat, become oversexed. It makes us seek, search and compare, compete and try to become what we are not, it makes our body, mind and senses dull. All these tools are there to help us regain our sensitivity and liveliness so our sensitive brain can reflect what we truly are. A vital person can face life as it comes because he is not lost in seeking and searching. Seeking and searching are only ways to postpone and live in a false hope of tomorrow. Those who want to live, live here and now, for them tomorrow doesn’t exist. Postponement is the way of an escapist. And an escapist always has his own way to justify it in many ways.

How has it evolved?

Jivan Mukta, the founder of Mukta Tantra Yoga, has spent his life exploring and practicing many systems and philosophies of spirituality. He noticed that most of these systems are there only to expand themselves financially, not the individual. They always try to form you into something you are not. Systems should support the individual, not the individual supporting the systems. Mukta is sharing his clarity as a friend and not claiming oneself a guru or a prophet.

Other systems are created to attract followers, in the hope they will set them free somewhere in the future. Mukta Tantra Yoga is about the present. Instead of following it, you can use it to sustain yourself physically, mentally & emotionally in daily life. Inner order is born out of your real intelligence and creates the outer order in your daily life naturally. True Tantra is to know oneself in order to manifest your vibrating reality.

Note: Mukta Tantra Yoga is not Hatha Yoga or Kamasutra/Neo-Tantra/Spiritualised Sex or Western Kundalini Yoga or black-red-white Tantra.  It has evolved very differently in a non-dualistic environment and passed from generation to generation orally. This type of yoga cannot be found in books, it is a direct and practical approach. Mukta Tantra Yoga is only for those who are not looking to convert themselves from one system of belief to another. This is not a spiritual romantic escape or something academic to get trapped in, but a sign board to rightly understand oneself. In this way awakening of the true intelligence can manifest itself. Truth doesn’t belong to anybody or any system, we are it. Systems are tools to be used and not to get used by them.  Spirituality is not conforming to any pattern given by others or oneself, rather getting rid of all patterns (spiritually or worldly) is true spirituality. 

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