what is kundalini yoga

Kundalini, what is it really?

Many believe that practicing Kundalini is mainly a physical act of purifying the body that will result in awakening an energy. Sure the body should be ready, vitalized and purified to welcome this energy to rise safely, but not only and nowdays we see many Kundalini practitioners who are physically suffering because they force this energy to rise mentally. It can damage the brain and the nervous system to force it this way.

It is important to understand that Kundalini is you, there is no division, we are that life force, the power that will rise by shifting our consciousness without any greed to attain somewhere. Only then we can allow this energy to rise freely and safely.

Kundalini is our true potential which is lying dormant because of living a compromised life based on illusions.

traditional tantra yoga

Traditional Tantra

The verbal root of tantra is “tan”, “to expand,” followed by the suffix “tra”, which is usually an instrumental suffix. Hence tantra means “an instrument (tra) for expansion (tan)”.

It is a science to experience what is and is not a philosophy. It is not mind-oriented; it is living in the moment, not future and past-oriented. It is a rediscovery of yourself who is hidden in the dust of concepts, ideas, dreams and desires. It accepts the human being as it is without any judgment, guilt, fear, comparison and offers a way to unveil or rediscover it. Tantra says that whatever you are, the ultimate is not opposite to it. No struggle, no conflict, no fight with nature is needed. Tantra says greed, anger, hate and sex are not your enemies – take them as a divine gift and approach them with a very grateful heart. Tantra says move in desire with full consciousness so only consciousness remains.

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