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Feel free to contact us also if you wish to collaborate on some level and share your creativity. We love to collaborate with those who believe in supporting each others’ to sustain.

Mukta Tantra Yoga Contact Details

Telephone / WhatsApp: +91 92846 36 745

NB: Pictures & details of our centres are given authentically on the site but if this doesn’t satisfy you then we can show you the place, outside the training hours, to have a feel but charges will be applied (200 Euros) as we have to employ a person to show you around and it takes time and energy.

Normally, we strictly don’t allow any outsider to visit us, neither like to impress our clients, and also our students don’t want somebody coming and looking like they are in a zoo. Students choose this course if they are fully ready to take the risk to jump into the unknown in order to transform beyond themselves.

True freedom is always in now and the habit to hope for it tomorrow is a lovely illusion.

– Mukta

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