Life Coaching with Eastern Wisdom

Online & In-Person

“Fact is a fact and any effort to analyze a fact is a way to escape from it and all escapes lead to suffering.”

– Mukta

Life is not just a mechanical living but a vibrant abundant potentiality hidden beneath fears and self-created limitations. Until it is not manifested biologically, emotionally and mentally, it remains dormant.

True fulfillment is experienced only when we are fearlessly ready to manifest our true potential, otherwise life becomes a barren land lost in all sorts of romantic, spiritual and worldly escapes which eventually turn into physical ailments and psychosomatic problems, which even modern sciences are struggling to understand. It is the fear of freedom that keeps one slave.

You are welcome to break through all limitations to create your own reality!

What are the Life Coaching Sessions?

It is designed to help one shift its perspective, to heal and rejuvenate organically and sustainably.

We support everyone’s true potential to achieve its goals in life beyond any limitations!

  • Each private session is approximately 1 hour.
  • Mukta uses Eastern wisdom, self-inquiry, various intuitive techniques, breathwork, meditation, yoga, quantum science, and coaching skills to bring out your uniqueness and clarity for a permanent shift in your life.
  • Learn to deal with recurring negative patterns, feelings, behaviors within relationships, with a partner, and to overcome the issues so love can flow freely. Mukta supports to unfold love, easiness and freedom within oneself so it naturally gets shared in daily life.
  • Each session is an intense moment of interaction specifically designed to bring awareness on the obstacles and understand the root causes of it. Learn how to take distance from it and to see the facts with clarity without judgment or taboos. Only then one can dissolve what is blocking from our true nature which is always there and blissful.
  • Together with Mukta, discuss and decide the purpose of the session(s) according to the issues and needs. Mukta is a tool to reveal one’s potential. Because everyone is different and unique, Mukta adapts every session according to each individual and his intensity.
  • Please note that during a session, Mukta uses a direct perception and language for the modern mind. He also teaches the Traditional Tantra Yoga approach for more spiritual orientated mind. Although language is used according to the need of the person.

Whom is it for?

Those who want to transform life instead of looking for temporary fixes and to go beyond all sorts of dependencies and suffering to live a fulfilled happy life. Life is an opportunity to manifest our true potential and freedom without any excuses or postponements and to share it with others is true love.

What benefits will I get from it?

  • Unleash your inner power so you can refocus and revalue the priorities of your life beyond beliefs and conditioning
  • Learn the secrets of intimacy for couples to experience a loving fulfilled life in all circumstances
  • Rewire your brain according to your true nature, feel at home and live life in its totality
  • Feel inner peace and relaxed in any challenging situations
  • Drop your emotional dependencies to act in total freedom
  • Untap your feminine energy, essential for both men and women because it is our ability to relax and melt physically and mentally by shifting from our mental analytical mind to feeling and sensing.
  • Live a healthy and fearless life

How & Why can Mukta help?

  • Like an engineer, Mukta’s mission is to reset your machine so it can be aligned with your daily life, and used freely and to its full potential. Mukta’s gift is to identify quickly and systematically the deep-rooted causes of problems to crack the code of one’s potential.
  • Mukta understanding of Western mind is unique because he lived and worked most of his life with the Western world. He has experienced and understood different systems and schools of thought and found their limitations, therefore he brought forward a new perception beyond all limitations.
  • More than 30 years’ experience of transforming lives: he lead many group trainings, drug addiction programs, couples counselling, meditations retreat centers, mystic schools and ashrams in different part of the world. Mukta has shared his wisdom globally as a high-end life coach for CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and influential people in Fashion, Movie, Finance, Real Estate and spirituality, etc.
  • His best intention is to give the tools so one can live in this world more peacefully and sustainably. Mukta doesn’t promote seclusion, conversion into any belief, or to become a dropout (unless this is your goal). Rather he supports one to adapt to the life and society we live in. He doesn’t want to make you dependent on him but give you the necessary tools so you can, at your own pace, find your inner teacher.

“Authenticity is transformation.”

– Mukta

life coaching with eastern wisdom

Life is multidimensional and intertwined, every aspect of it can be affected and covered during the sessions:

  • Family and Social Relationships
  • Couple’s Life
  • Intimacy and Sexuality
  • Health and Fitness
  • Spirituality
  • Financial
  • Business and Career

Issues can manifest through:

  • Emotional distress: learn to go beyond fears, traumas, phobias, anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, taboos, grief, wounds, etc. Dissolve negative emotional patterns and start living afresh.
  • Physical and psychosomatic disorders: learn to go beyond physical symptoms and stress that makes day-to-day life difficult. It touches every single part of the life and often we learn to live with it or look for a treatment in the wrong direction. From insomnia to sexual blockages, understanding that our body is directly linked with our mind and emotions is the key to heal.
Philippe from France
Ana from Portugal

How does the session work?

According to your location and plan, the session(s) can be done by:

  • Video call: Mukta has been successfully helping his clients globally using online technologies such as WhatsApp, Skype and Zoom.
  • Face to face: depending on timing, join Mukta for a special face to face intensive program in locations nested in nature and offering a perfect environment to transform and embrace your true potential. 

You can choose from 3 Programs:

  1. Fast Track for a quick fix: 2 sessions
  2. Long Term to build & nurture strong foundations: 8 Sessions and continuous support
  3. One-on-One Intensive Retreat : 1 session per day, as long as needed

Option 1: Fast Track for a quick fix

If you feel two sessions are enough to crack the code and free yourself from the issues occurring, this option is for you!

Option 2: Long Term to build & nurture strong foundations

8 Sessions & Continuous Support

Depending on each individual or couples, a few sessions may not be enough to deeply and sustainably reformat our mind, work on traumas, fears and conditioning, and give the right directions. This option gives you the possibility to book 8 sessions and spread it as you feel is right depending on your intensity. During this time, tools and exercises will be given during and between the sessions, as well as a follow up according to your needs.

It requires intense efforts for a strong foundation to be built, and tools will be given so you can practice at home and in different situations in life.

At the end of the 8 sessions, you will be given the opportunity to stay in touch for occasional questions, assitance and guidance. Thus, support can be given when the need arises and to track the progress constantly. Working on oneself and a relationship is a long-term effort requiring for some more or less regular guidance to keep the track of your goals and stay focus. 

Option 3: One-on-One Intensive Retreat

If you have limited time and wish to work intensively face to face, we offer a special package including one private session per day, accommodation and food (optional). Depending on timing, join Mukta in locations nested in nature and offering a perfect environment to transform and embrace your true potential. 

Tryggve from Norway
Marine from France

What’s next?

If you are ready to book your Life Coaching Session(s) with Mukta, please fill up the form below, it will help to identify the issues and discuss together how many sessions will be required according to your goals, need, intensity, time and availability.

What we feel now is shaping our future, not the other way round. Breaking through the now, taking full responsibilities for our happiness without any dependencies is the key to growth and inner strength. To change the outer world, let’s start by changing the inner world!

If you have any questions or sharing prior to booking your Life Coaching Session(s), please contact Mukta directly: