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Traditional Kundalini Power Yoga

“When goddess Kundalini, who is asleep, is awaken because of the spiritual master, all the lotuses and all attachments are being penetrated by an irresistible force. May that the wise man complete his control over goddess Kundalini in a firm way, because She is the one who gives him miraculous powers.”  – Shiva Samhita –

Note: Traditional kundalini power yoga is the most traditional Tantric approach to awaken the kundalini systematically. Rarely taught, interview required to book, only for serious people.

Mukta Tantric Vipassana Retreat – 4 Levels / 16 steps

(Only for people who want to go deep – sincere seekers)

Mukta Tantra Yoga for Melting of Spiritual Hearts 

(interview required, only for sincere couple seekers)

Mukta Tantric Soma Activation Retreat

(interview required, only for sincere seekers)

Traditional Tantric Heart Yoga

“Shakti is the essence of Bliss; it is the power of love. Bhakti, or devotion, is the impetuous force of faith.” Devi Purana

Intensive Tantra Yoga Workshop

Therapeutic Mukta Tantra Yoga

Mukta Tantric Meditations Course

Mukta Mantra Classes

Mukta Chakras Workshops

Mukta Yantras Meditations

Mukta Tantric Yin Heart Yoga

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