Groundbreaking Session for Entrepreneurs

Crack the Code & Change the Game!

These groundbreaking Fast Track 1-on-1 sessions are specifically designed for entrepreneurs, living in fast pace competitive world with limited time and a fierce desire to shift their perception and consciousness through Eastern Wisdom.

If you are passionate and sincere, this intense quick fix session helps you to crack the code of your potential to manifest multidimensional abundance, empowering you to change the game of life and become the master.

What you will gain

  • Clarity: every dimension of life can be tackled (work, personal, sex, financial, etc) to support you to activate fresh energy and perspective without the shade of subtle fears, memory, guilt, traumas and conditioning.
  • Understand and master your mind: as you identify your mind psychology, how it tricks you creating stress and unconscious blockages, as you identify and learn to handle manipulative behaviors, only then you can improve your relationships, manifest a sustainable well-being and be confident in any situation of life.
  • Eastern Wisdom: taste the perception of Eastern Organic Wisdom.
  • Rewire your brain:  boost your neuro-plasticity and regenerate brain cells, improve your cognitive ability and rejuvenate your brain and ultimately your quantum.
  • Unlock your true nature and potential:  as you recognize self-created limitations, you become free to connect with your true nature, your deep motivations, goals and will power.
  • Manifest abundance on both private and business levels living fearlessly, contented, focused, healthy, creative, spontaneously and playfully.

It is a perfect approach if you don’t have time to spend months and years with online training, coaching and therapies to sort out some aspects of your life.

How Mukta can help me?

  • Mukta’s gift is to identify quickly and systematically the deep rooted causes of problems. He uses direct seeing to initiate a fast shift and quick fix with Eastern wisdom to live a fulfilled life.
  • Mukta doesn’t want you to convert to any belief, system of spirituality or science to get lost into philosophies, nor use positive thinking to escape reality. He interacts as a friend whose intention is to bring clarity through firsthand knowledge.
  • With more than 30 years’ experience in meditation and mentoring, he has worked intensively with fast track life transforming private sessions, lead transforming group trainings, lead meditations retreats and ashrams, has acted globally as a high end life coach for CEO, Entrepreneurs and influential people in Fashion, Movie, Finance, Real Estate industries, etc.
  • From India and having worked internationally for years, Mukta understands in depth the psychology of different societies.
  • He shares his life experience, his wisdom and a new way of looking at life so your potential and essence can be used rightly in different circumstances, in chaotic society.

Please note: during this session, Mukta uses a direct perception and language for the modern mind. Mukta also teaches using Traditional Tantra Yoga approach for more spiritual orientated mind. Language is used according to the need of the client.

How can you have a 1-on-1?

Each session with Mukta is up to 2 hours and designed to adjust to your need. Mukta tailors the session according to each individual, its intelligence and will adapt to your geography.

  • Distance call: Mukta has been successfully helping his clients globally using available technologies such as phone, WhatsApp or video calls (Skype, Zoom)
  • Face to face can be booked by joining Mukta in India in Agonda, South Goa, nested in nature and offering one of the most beautiful golden sand beach of India. We offer a special all-inclusive package (one session per day,  accommodation in deluxe room with full board and airport transfer). You are also welcome to book your own accommodation according to your taste.
  • It is easy to fly to Dabolim airport, located 63 km away from Agonda, with few domestic and international flights per day.

Your investment

  • Price per session (call or face to face): 1,000 euros.
  • Face to Face Package in India: Each day is priced at 1,250 euros.

How to book?

If you have any queries or you would like to arrange a Free Interview call, please contact us via the Form below or via WhatsApp button directly. Booking and payment will only be after the Free Interview Call.

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