Find Out if Your Kundalini is Awake or Not

Private Counseling

Online or In-Person

This counseling service is suitable for individuals who are interested in exploring spiritual or Kundalini awakening, or who may be facing challenges during the process of Kundalini awakening. It is also intended for those whose Kundalini energy has already been awakened and would like to receive guidance and support from a practitioner who has experience with the Kundalini awakening process and its integration into daily life.

Kundalini awakening is a process that can lead to profound spiritual transformation, but it can also be a challenging and sometimes disorienting experience. If you’re curious about whether your Kundalini is awakened or not, private counseling can provide a safe and supportive environment for exploration.

Unlocking the Mysteries of your Kundalini Energy

Private counseling can provide a space for you to explore your experiences with Kundalini awakening in a non-judgmental and supportive way. You may be experiencing physical, emotional, or energetic sensations that you don’t fully understand, or you may be struggling with the changes that are happening in your life as a result of the awakening. Mukta can help you make sense of these experiences and provide valuable guidance on how to handle these challenges and overcome any obstacles that may arise on your Kundalini awakening journey.

Navigating the Path of Kundalini Shakti: Tools for Self-Awareness

Kundalini awakening can bring up deep-seated patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back in life. Private counseling can help you develop greater self-awareness and understand how these patterns may be impacting your relationships, work, or other aspects of your life. This can be a powerful step in creating positive change and growth.

Kundalini awakening can be intense and overwhelming at times, and it’s important to understand the psychological implications for grounding and balancing yourself. Mukta can recommend you techniques such as breathwork, meditation, and energy work that can help you manage the intense energy of the awakening process and cultivate greater peace and balance.

Private counseling is an invaluable resource for those curious about their Kundalini awakening. Working with a qualified practitioner like Mukta can provide self-awareness, tools for managing intensity, and support on the spiritual journey according to his understanding. Mukta has experience with Kundalini awakening and other forms of spiritual emergence, offering an understanding of symptoms and challenges, as well as techniques to aid the process.


The cost for a private counseling session through WhatsApp call is 1,200 Euros for a duration of 45 minutes up to 1 hour. If you prefer not to make a call for privacy purposes, we also offer the option to receive counseling by messaging on WhatsApp.

How to Book?

To book your Private Counseling with Mukta, simply fill out the form below. Once we get back to you, you can proceed with full payment for your counseling session. Please note that we do not offer refunds for cancellations of the counseling session. Rest assured that confidentiality and discretion are always guaranteed.

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