Awaken & Transform

A 9-day Traditional Kundalini Tantra Yoga Retreat in France

September 21st – 29th, 2024

kundalini yoga retreat europe

Release – Heal – Reconnect – Transform – Empower – Nurture


Yoga – Meditation – Chakras & Kundalini – Breathwork – Nature

Mukta Kundalini Tantra Yoga is the Inner Yoga of Ancient India, the Yoga of Awareness & Presence,

The secret of absolute Freedom and Awakening of the Intelligence beyond Taboos!

Note that there are no sexual activities in our courses as they are based on Indian Traditional Tantra Yoga and not new age Western Tantra.

For Whom?

This holistic and powerful Traditional Kundalini Tantra Yoga Retreat is a unique opportunity to deepen the silence within our hearts. It is a special time for yoga, meditation, breathing, chanting, dancing, self-inquiry, contemplation, and inspiring talks about Asiatic Mysticism. Use this precious moment to gain clarity about oneself, detox, refresh, and heal, so one can return to their life feeling empowered and energized, but also with tools and foundations to continue on their spiritual journey.

This once-in-a-lifetime Awaken & Transform yoga retreat is specifically designed for those who would like to learn the psychology of Chakras and gain an integrated understanding of what Kundalini is, and how to integrate it into our daily lives in a modern context. These tools from Asiatic Mysticism support each individual seeking to break free from mental blocks, work struggles, and relationship obstacles, to reset and live our true nature peacefully and fearlessly.

The Retreat is open to all individuals, from leaders to seekers. Whether you have been teaching, practicing yoga, or not; whether you are flexible or not, this yoga retreat is all about rediscovering oneself holistically, using the ancient wisdom of traditional Tantra Kundalini yoga.

What is the Traditional Kundalini Tantra Yoga Retreat about?

Mukta Tantra Yoga is the Traditional Tantra Yoga of Kundalini, Tantric Asanas & Chakras, Mantras, Tantric Meditations & Philosophy, Tantric Breath, Shiva Shakti, Sounds, Vibrations and Elements.

A Spiritual Transformational Journey

Mukta Kundalini Tantra Yoga is a spiritual practice that can lead to a more holistic way of living. By practicing this Traditional Kundalini Tantra Yoga, you can vitalize your senses and quiet your mind. This will allow for a deeper connection to your spiritual self. This practice helps you untap your potential and let go of patterns and conditioning that may be holding you back.

During this Awaken & Transform Retreat, Mukta shares the golden secret keys to free the energies that are entangled in inner conflicts, patterns, negative emotions, taboos, and traumas to awaken the Chakras & Kundalini to realize our true potential. When the energy is not wasted in any conflicts, the same energy awakens the Kundalini Shakti, pure love and freedom. And therefore, it helps in the flowering of our consciousness and that is our true nature. Living in our true nature moment-to-moment is ultimate freedom, and that freedom can not be trapped in any box.

Understanding the mind, feelings and emotions in the light of Eastern Mysticism to live a holistic life!

This yoga and meditation retreat is not just an intellectual exercise, but rather a profound journey into the heart of Femininity and Asiatic wisdom. Through this transformative experience, gain a deeper understanding of the non-dual approach to daily living and learn to cultivate a state of bliss and harmony. By letting go of limiting beliefs and negative emotions, you can awaken to your true nature.

Mukta Kundalini Tantra Yoga Retreat also empowers women and men to connect with their inner divinity and awaken the sacred feminine within them. Through this practice, we can unlock the power of love, end suffering, and achieve a joyful, blissful existence. By breaking free from societal constraints, we can embrace a multi-dimensional way of living that accepts all without fear and guilt.

traditional kundalini tantra yoga retreat

According to Indian Mysticism

We teach according to the principles of Indian Mysticism rather than according to personal preferences, likes and dislikes. Please note that we do not guarantee the fulfillment of all your expectations. In fact, it is possible that your expectations may be shattered in order to reveal the unadorned truth as it is.

Therefore, to truly embrace the essence of Mukta Tantra Yoga, it is important to approach learning with an open heart and a willingness to surrender to the process. A genuine desire to learn and grow is very important on the path of transformation and self-discovery.

This innovative, intimate and intensive yoga retreat is for all those looking for practical spirituality. For those ready to embrace their true self and jump into the unknown!

Welcome to explore more about:

Rachel from the Netherlands
Nartan from the UK
Anna from the USA

What You Will Learn & Practice During the Yoga Retreat:

Here is an overview of what you will learn during this unique Traditional Kundalini Tantra Yoga Retreat :

  • Daily practice of Traditional Tantric Asanas and Tantric Breath. Oxygenate, detox, vitalise and let go negative emotions to heal and to activate your true bliss.
  • Learn about the Psychology of Traditional Tantric Chakras and Traditional Kundalini and their implications in daily living.
  • Daily practice of Tantric meditations to go beyond body, mind and self.
  • Daily Philosophy class with Mukta: Taste the essence of the heart of Shiva’s teachings (the first God of India) and practical direct understanding through right knowledge and self-inquiry. This helps to have a clear perception to respond effectively in the moment, beyond all conditioned perspectives. False knowledge becomes the cause of all sufferings and without right understanding, there is no true freedom. Only a mind which is free can live in freedom.
  • Practice of Mantra Chanting
  • Practice of Kriyas
  • Finally, understand practically that life is not goal-oriented emotionally. It is rather experiencing the true bliss of daily life here and now beyond all sufferings. 

Your Host

Mukta Jivan

Visionary, Breakthrough Life Coach, Meditation & Yoga Trainer & Founder

Mukta is born in India in a family where self-inquiry, authenticity, yoga, meditation, compassion, healthy diet, are part of the daily living.

He is known to simplify spirituality for the modern men and women, making it relevant in today’s world. His understanding of the Western mind is unique because he lived and worked most of his life in the Western world.

Mukta shares this practical understanding of the essence of Mysticism with others to live daily in the moment. This non-dogmatic wisdom and direct clarity is born out of experience and can not be found in books.

He has spent most of his life exploring practically many systems and philosophies of spirituality globally. His inner passion for truth and Asiatic Mysticism guided him to travel, meet different Masters, learn from Masters at Bihar School of Yoga and Sivananda Ashram in India, as well as teach at and run different ashrams and mystery schools worldwide.

He also spent some years in Europe where he shared his knowledge and taught Sufis, Buddhist, Gurdjieff and Osho followers.

After learning from him you will find yourself and the world around you with a direct perspective beyond all moralities and beliefs. Using various techniques and philosophy which are based on directly seeing the fact as a fact, Mukta encourages others to grow and see directly in their own light beyond all dependency on systems, cultures, traditions or bookish knowledge, to reconnect to oneself and live our true nature fully.

Read more about Mukta, the Founder

Daily Schedule

8:00 – 10:00Breathwork &
Mukta Tantra Yoga Asanas Practice
10:00 – 11:30Breakfast
11:30 – 13:00Philosophy class: Psychology of Chakras, Traditional Kundalini & Tantra, Eastern Wisdom, Self-Inquiry, Q&A
13:00 -16:30Vegetarian/Vegan Lunch & Free Time*
16:30 – 18:30Mukta Tantra Yoga Asanas Practice
& Tantric Meditation
Diner & Sunset by the Beach, Mantra Chanting, Evening Meditation

NB: You will receive the day-to-day schedule upon arrival. Schedule could vary slightly based on our focus and the chakra we’re focusing on.

*During free time, relax in the garden or jacuzzi, golf, bike along the beach, swim, or walk in nature. Our location is literally at the doorstep of one of the most pristine and vibrant nature in France.

It is also possible to book a one-on-one Life Coaching session or Vedic Astrology Reading with Mukta.

How Does the Traditional Kundalini Tantra Yoga Retreat Work ?

  • The Yoga Retreat will start with a Welcoming Ceremony on the Saturday afternoon. And will terminate with a Closing Ceremony on the next Saturday afternoon.
  • Room check-in is on Saturday afternoon and check-out is on the next Sunday morning (8 nights included in the package).
  • Classes are all given in English. Intermediate English is fine to learn because it is all practical knowledge and your openness to receive through your heart, so language can not be a barrier.
  • For those looking to stay connected with Mukta for guidance moment-to-moment after the retreat, we offer a unique Private Support Subscription Plan via SMS/WhatsApp from 1 month to 1 Year. Click here for details.

Upcoming Date 2024

Start DatesEnding DatesStatus
21st September 202429th September 2024Registration open till 10th August


In Normandy, our so-french luxurious seaside Retreat centre is perfect to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of art, nature, charm and authenticity! Our yoga shala is nestled in the lush garden. On your free time, enjoy a relaxing hot tub, soak up the sun on our comfy sunbeds, walk on the beach, go golfing, or take a bike ride around the pretty seaside villages. You’ll reach the beach in just few minutes! Allow yourself to melt with the beauty of Mother Nature and embrace your true self. It is the perfect spot for nature lovers to heal, revitalize their senses, and integrate Tantric Wisdom into their daily lives.

Retreat fees +
Shared Twin or Triple Room & Meals
Retreat fees +
Private Double Bed Room & Meals
1,800 Euros2,600 Euros
Please note that all prices listed above include the course fees, accommodation expenses, and 3 meals per day.

Important Notes:

  • Each room is luxuriously equipped with: a clothes rack, WiFi, flat screen TV, coffee/tea/chocolate machine, iron, desk, hairdryer, USB and adapter, and ensuite bathroom (with shower or bathtub, and toilet), as well as towels.
  • You can choose between a Private Double Bed Room or a Shared Twin/Triple Room.
  • Shared rooms are equipped with both double and single beds, available on a first-booked, first-served basis.
  • If you are a couple and wish to book the room for both, then the applicable price is that of the shared room.
  • Shared rooms are mixed gender to accommodate sharing with another participant from the course.
  • All bathrooms are ensuite.
  • To secure a Private Double Bed Room, we recommend booking in advance due to their limited availability.
  • Rooms are allocated according to your booking and cannot be changed upon arrival.

Onsite, you will find all the amenities you need: luxurious single and shared bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, a lush green and flower-filled garden, delicious homemade vegetarian/vegan meals using local seasonal ingredients (including breakfast, lunch, and dinner), bicycles for exploring the surroundings, and a yoga shala nestled in the garden near the accessible jacuzzi.

For everything you need to know about our Center in France: from room details and directions to what to bring, FAQs, and visa information:

Our Retreat Centre in Normandy, France

How to Enroll ?

kundalini tantra yoga retreat france
  • To register for the Traditional Kundalini Tantra Yoga Retreat, please fill up the application form here. Once your application has been approved, you will be required to proceed to the payment of a strictly non-refundable deposit of 900 Euros. Your seat will only be confirmed upon receipt of the payment.
  • To ensure that our retreat is effective, we require a minimum of four people to be registered. In the unlikely event that fewer than four students are registered, we will notify you at least three weeks in advance. At that point, you will have the option to either receive a refund of your deposit, or reschedule your course for a later date.
  • Strictly, at the time of booking (i.e within 72 hours after accepting your application), whatever price is fixed will remain unchanged. In the case of a price increase afterwards, rest assured that no additional charges will be applied. However, it’s important to note that in the event of a price decrease, there will be no refunds or reimbursement provided. Your reservation amount remains constant, firmly established at the initially agreed-upon rate.
  • Seats are limited therefore we recommend you to book your training as early as possible to ensure availability. Last day to register: 10th August 2024
  • Before the start of the course, we will send you an email with all important information for your arrival.
  • Please feel free to contact us may you have any further question !


You have time and considering to become an International Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher?

Find out more about our 200 Hours Traditional Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) in India & France

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