Mukta, the Founder


Mukta (spiritual name), the founder of Mukta Tantra Yoga, has spent his life practically exploring many systems and philosophies of spirituality globally. He noticed that most of these systems are there to convert or follow blindly without questioning or doubting and to expand themselves financially but not to support authentically the individuals. They always try to format us into some spiritual mold and give greed and hope for a better future. Systems should support the individual, not the individual supporting the systems. 

Born in India, Mukta grew up in a family where Traditional Yoga, Meditation and self-inquiry were part of daily living. He spent most of his life practically understanding Yoga, Tantra and its different schools such as Kashmiri Shaivism (also called Himalayan Tantra, Agama, Trika and practical Kaula Tantra), learn from Masters at Bihar School of Yoga, Sivananda Ashram in India, and from his Father and various other Mystics. His Father Shri Kali Ram shared the true wisdom of Traditional Yoga and Indian Mysticism and his mother Mohini Devi shared her compassionate care and unconditional love. This non-dualistic, non-dogmatic wisdom and direct clarity is born out of practical experience and can not be found in books. 


His inner passion for truth naturally guided him to inspire others, teach and support various ashrams and mystery schools. He also spent many years leading retreats and running private life coaching. He then spent some years in Europe where he shared his knowledge and taught Sufis, Buddhists, Gurdjieff’s and Osho’s followers, and the modern open minds.

He understood that truth is not a monopoly of any lineage, rather the essence of a rebellious heart who dares to break through all the traditional lineage of the past to express truth freshly in order to use tradition rightly. Only lies are repeatable not the Truth because truth is always fresh and always needs to come upon freshly. Priests and scholars create profitable sects around second hand knowledge of truth with their spiritual propaganda. When one knows, he doesn’t rely on others’ experiences. 

“True learning is to live moment to moment with the freshness of life, each moment carries its own intelligence which has no trace of the past.”

– Mukta –

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Afterwards, he relocated to Cape Town, South Africa, where he continue teaching intensively. It was there that he did a lot of transforming teachings in Drug rehabilitation Centres and led Fast Track Life Transforming and Change The Game Sessions for Entrepreneurs, Courses and Trainings in the Fashion, Movie and Real Estate world. Mukta has also led many retreats, workshops and private teacher trainings, as well as private Tantra Yoga & group meditations. In 2009 he returned to India and since then has been teaching in Goa, Dharamsala and Rishikesh.

From his life experience born Mukta Tantra Yoga…

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It is the natural passion of Mukta to share his clarity and wisdom through Mukta Tantra Yoga and Mukta Hatha Yoga, using all the various styles and techniques which are based on directly seeing the fact as a fact.  He support others to see in their own light beyond all dependency on systems, cultures, traditions or bookish knowledge.

Mukta simplifies spirituality for the modern men and women making it relevant in today’s world. His understanding of the Western mind is unique because he lived and worked most of his life in the Western world.

Mukta’s wisdom is born out of an unconditioned mind of Asia. His passion is to inspire those who are open to learn a new way of living, using the essence of Tantra, Yoga and Indian Mysticism to live daily lives in the moment. After learning from him, you will have tools and understanding to see directly beyond so-called compassion, moralities and beliefs.

Mukta is assisted by a Team of International Teachers you will have the opportunity to meet during the course.

“Spirituality is not an escape from the world and its turmoil, rather becoming intelligent to deal with it.

Like a lotus flower that blooms in the mud.”

– Mukta

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