Our Teachers

Our main teachers assisting Mukta:


Marine is passionate about life and fostering change. Her life experience shows a decade of challenging projects, and she loves passing her energy to others through sharing and teaching.

Six years ago, she decided to break her routine to live more spontaneously and explore the world for a few month. This journey is still ongoing. She has been living in Asia since then exploring the world and herself, focusing on purifying her mind, body and heart. Learning and teaching freediving has been a great way to discover meditation and breathing, but her most effective vehicles in this journey has been meeting Mukta .

She studied in India where her journey lead her to Mukta’s teachings, which for the first time after going to different schools, it resonated deeply with her core and totally change her perspective of life. She is grateful to continue to learn, explore and share every day deeper level of freedom and bliss. 


After practicing different styles of yoga for years, I did a Training with Mukta which has truly transformed my life. Ever since I have been continuously learning from Mukta and supporting a holistic vision of Mukta Community, which really resonates with me as I feel that there are other multidimensional ways to live a more fulfilled life in harmony and abundance with all. Before this, I thought I knew about yoga but I only realised it was mainly gymnastic, not Yoga in its authentic sense.

For me supporting and assisting Mukta Community is a constant spiritual learning and growth, on the path of truth, more in presence, awareness and freedom to express whatever I truly am. Mukta generously shares keys which allows me to learn and feel part of a family which is beyond small families, to transform and expand my consciousness.

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