Payment Conditions

The booking of any chosen Training or Retreat requires a compulsory deposit of 300 Euros or 400 Euros if you book with accommodation. Transaction fees must be covered by the client.

If you are paying with a different currency, please use a Currency Converter to convert.

  1. Online Bank Transfer*
  2. TransferWise*

Important Note: once you have made the transfer please send us quick message straight after with the confirmation of your payment. This will help us to keep the track on your payment and organize your stay once we have received it. Thank you.

Online Bank Transfer*

Bank: Credit Agricole Mutuel Normand
Account Holder: Marine Deneux
Account Number: 07441584001
IBAN: FR76 1660 6100 1507 4415 8400 134


Bank Address: 59 Route de Granville, 50380 Saint-Pair-sur-Mer, France

Compulsory: Please fill up the purpose of the Payment: Other Services

*Please make sure we are receiving 300 or 400 Euros


TransferWise is an authorized mode by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011. Therefore, it is not only safe to receive money but also convenient and a cost effective cheaper route too.

  • When you add a new recipient, please select “Someone Else”
  • Name of recipient: Marine Deneux
  • Use this e-mail:
  • Please use the bank details above
  • Reason of your transfer: select “Other Personal Expenses”
  • “Reference for Marine Deneux”: Mukta Tantra Yoga Services

*Please make sure the Recipient gets 300 or 400 Euros

*Please press the TransferWise button below to pay by TransferWise.

Please Note:

1. Terms & Conditions regarding the remaining payment. There are two options:

  • 1st Option: if you want to pay in cash on arrival in Indian Rupee or Euros currency as most people do, there will be no charges involved. In Agonda, you have the option to swipe your card at a local agency (cash back system) they will charge an extra 3% of the sum you wish to withdraw and will ask for your passport.
  • 2nd Option: if you want to pay by bank transfer directly into the account before arrival (TransferWise, bank to bank) then 20% extra tax will be added to the total fee as per tax laws of government, clients has to pay the tax on the total amount (transactions fees are already included).

Note: Please feel free to choose the option according to your budget and comfortability. The remaining payment has to be paid upon arrival at the end of the opening ceremony.

2. In order to secure your course, a non-refundable on any circumstances deposit has to be made after you fill up the registration form. Only when your payment is received your booking will be confirmed. If your payment is not received, your course will be considered cancelled, as well as your room booking.

3. All transaction fees for the deposit must be covered by the client.

4. No refunds or credits is allowed on your cancellation for Teacher Training Course, Retreat, Private Sessions, and any other course with Mukta Tantra Yoga.

5. Insurance & travel expenditure are not included in any courses fee.

7. All Retreats/Training/Sessions etc. are only for those who truly spiritually want to understand themselves in the light of Indian Practical Mysticism and who are not just looking for window shopping, academic knowledge or a certificate.

8. We keep the right of admission, and in some case an interview can be required.

Thanks for trusting and booking with us. Sorry for the rules, they are specifically given for those who don’t have common sense and are not concerned with others and to keep the harmony and practicality throughout the training/retreat.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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