Vedic Astrology Reading with Tantric Approach

Online or In-Person

What it is & its Purpose?

Unlock Your True Potential: Crack the Code and Blueprint of Your Life

Vedic astrology is a powerful tool that can help you find your individual type and direction in life by analyzing the position of the planets and other celestial bodies in your birth chart. This analysis can determine your dominant qualities, characteristics, and tendencies, as well as the periods of time when those qualities are most prominent in your life. This is not mundane astrology but to understand your type and flow to help you make more informed decisions about your career, relationships, and other aspects of your life. By accepting and embracing your natural tendencies and inclinations, you can live a more authentic life that is aligned with your true purpose and potential.

Discover Your Cosmic DNA and Align with Your True Purpose through Vedic Astrology

In addition to understanding your individual type, Vedic astrology also focuses on the concept of genetic flow, where the energies and qualities of our ancestors are passed down through our genes and can impact our lives significantly. By recognizing the qualities and tendencies of our ancestors, we can gain insights into our own lives and experiences and begin to transform any negative patterns that may be holding us back.

Mukta combines Vedic astrology with a Tantric approach to explain each birth chart in a non-dualistic way, including all dimensions of life that are intertwined, and how to use these forces rightly in our daily life to flow with our true nature. By aligning our being with our true nature, we allow ourselves to live harmoniously and fully without any guilt.

Your astrology chart is your genetic code, and understanding it is essential for your general well-being. By recognizing your character, personality, lines of interests, and your essence, you can manifest your full potential and live a life that is in harmony with your deepest self and highest potential. With Vedic astrology, you can understand the deeper turmoil of life, challenging events and situations, and how your past can reflect in this lifetime. By shedding light on areas that need focus, you can transform any negative patterns and create a life that is aligned with your true purpose.

Astrology readings can also be beneficial for individuals seeking clarity about others, desiring a deeper understanding of compatibility, seeking insights for business matters, or exploring various types of relationships.

Book a Vedic Astrology Reading Session today to discover what your stars have in store for you and understand your individual type and direction in life.

How does it work?

The session with Mukta is approximately 1 hour and can be done via phone, WhatsApp or Skype, or in-person if you are in South Goa. During the reading, Mukta will explain your chart, your type and discuss how to flow to live a fulfilled and peaceful life. you can also prepare your specifics questions to ask Mukta.

Price: 250 Euros.

How to book?

To book your Vedic Astrology Reading Session with Mukta, please fill out the form below. Once we confirm your booking, please proceed with the payment to initiate the process. Mukta will need a few days to prepare your astrology chart before the reading session. Please note that work on your chart will begin only after the transfer of payment.

Rest assured that confidentiality and discretion are always guaranteed. Please note that we do not offer refunds for cancellations.

If you have any questions or sharing prior to booking your Vedic Astrology Reading Session, please contact us directly:

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