Terms & Conditions

Mukta Tantra Yoga shares its teaching at Mukta Community a non-profit organisation in France.

Training & Retreat

The online and face to face training/retreat are designed with the best intention towards supporting your true potential to grow. It is not just about Mukta Tantra Yoga rather it is all all about you and awakening your intelligence beyond all historical and traditional conditionings.

In order to make the best out of the course, here are some kind suggestions suggestions from your heart and mind.

  • Mukta teaches the essence of Kundalini Tantra Yoga and not focusing on a particular school or thought, or recommending or referring to any particular book or guru, rather directly focusing on oneself. It is based on self-inquiry and Mukta will try his best to trigger the process.
  • Tantra Yoga is to learn about oneself and not gathering intellectual knowledge about Tantra yoga superficially. Right doubting and inquiring into oneself (not the others) is the key to penetrate the self.
  • Training could challenge you psychologically, emotionally and may shake your personal beliefs in order to see with your own light without any dependency. You may feel emotional, irritated or disbalanced in some way or other, please take full responsibility for your emotionality during the course caused by inner and outer situations and don’t throw your mood swing and patterns on others. Rather be aware of all sorts of reactions and find creative ways to communicate beyond self-created limitations so we can experience true oneness as a loving family.
  • During classes, please discuss the questions which are really important and directly related to your daily life.
  • Please take care of your health and wellbeing, be careful where and what you eat, and use your sensitivity and common sense to not injure yourself during and outside the classes. We will not be held responsible for any injuries or other medical issues and advise you to have your own liability insurance. However, if you need medical assistance, we will do our best to suggest a doctor and support you.
  • You hereby agree to release and waive any claim and liability for any loss, any physical, psychological or psychiatric injury, any damage of any kind against us.
  • Videos and photographs will be taken during classes and ceremonies to share on social media. If you don’t want to be part of it then please let us know in advance. It is great support so others can feel the course and come as you did.
  • If you leave before the end of the course for your personal reasons, there will be no refund or certificate given.
  • Student who misbehave towards other students or teachers, and lack discipline and common sense will be expelled from the course without any refund or explanation.
  • Please note that for TTC students, certification will only be granted to students who fulfill all the following requirements:
    • Full attendance (with the exception of emergencies),
    • Successful completion of practical teaching evaluation and written exam. Student must demonstrate his ability to teach Mukta Tantra Yoga style,
    • Respect these common senses and observe discipline all through the training.

Your presence and awareness during the whole course is the most valuable and only your humbleness and openness to the new and your passionate efforts with unbiased perspective can support you to grow and to become an integrated self and teacher.


In order to secure your course, a non-refundable deposit has to be made on the non-profit charity bank account, once your application has been accepted. Only when your payment is received your booking will be confirmed. If your payment is not received, your course will be considered cancelled, as well as your room booking if you book with accommodation.

All transaction fees must be covered by the client.

The remaining payment has to be paid by cash in Euros currency upon arrival or by transfer prior to arrival.

Please note that due to the current Covid-19 situation, we offer the option to reschedule your course to a further date in case you are unable to travel to Europe to attend the course.


  • No refunds or credits are allowed on your cancellation for Teacher Training Course, Retreat, Private Sessions, and any other course with Mukta Tantra Yoga.
  • Each Teacher Training/Retreat requires a minimum of 5 participants.
  • In the very unlikely case of a course being cancelled, we will inform you as soon as possible beforehand and will refund your deposit or reschedule it a further date at your convenience.
  • Please note locations of our centres may change prior to the course if the situation requires us to. We will always inform you on time and try our best to provide the best place for all to share and learn.
  • Insurance & travel expenditure are not included in any course fees.
  • If you book your course through a booking platform, please note that we may not be able to provide the same quality of accommodation because of the high commission they take on the full package.
  • We respect your privacy and will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information (name, address, email, etc.) to any third party.

Please tick the box “Yes” at the bottom of the Application Form to acknowledge that you have read and understood these common senses. 

Thanks for trusting and booking with us. Sorry for the rules, they are specifically given for those who don’t have common sense and are not concerned with others and to keep the harmony and practicality throughout the courses.