I highly recommend this school to anyone who is curious to dive in and learn about Traditional Kundalini Tantra philosophy from within an authentic lineage of Ancient Indian Mysticism. This teaching is untainted by muddled Westernised concepts, while remaining 100% accessible.
I found it a magical place of deep, experientially-based self-enquiry, where I was guided to meet myself on many – sometimes challenging – levels, and I emerged with many fresh insights, and a love of the physical practice.
There are a lot of thoughtful touches like filtered water and mosquito repellent in the shala, ceiling fans to cool you down, and self-catering options during your stay. Agonda, where I studied, felt safe and relaxed, taking the stress out of being a single, female traveller.


I did the TTC course at Mukta Tantra Yoga. For me it was a journey and rediscovery of my “true” self, a real life changer. Mukta and Marine are both professional and authentic teachers, who teach from their heart and you can see and feel the passion. If you’re looking for a deeper, not-superficial yoga course, I would definitely recommend!!

The area is safe for women. There is one long street parallel to the beach, where you can walk around even in the evening.

Although the food was not included, it actually was a huge benefit for me. There were so many nice restaurants with delicious food!! It is easy to go into town. They offer many vegan/vegetarian options and are experienced with cooking for foreigners (good hygiene). The breaks in between are perfect, enough time to rest, eat, go to the beach for a quick swim.

Everything was so well taken care of. Thank you Mukta!


I recently completed my 200hr Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher Training with Mukta Tantra Yoga School in Goa India.

The teaching was exceptional. Mukta Jivan is a master in Indian Mysticism, Traditional Indian Kundalini and Tantra and the teachings are authentic and of the highest level. It was a privilege to study with Mukta and gain access to this powerful, healing, spiritual, yogic knowledge that has been passed down to him for generations and is his way of life.

The course is very well structured and is a yoga of spiritual alignment, an inner yoga. If you are feeling the call to study Tantra and Kundalini yoga and are looking for a deep understanding and authentic teaching that goes way beyond the physical yoga I would highly recommend this beautiful yoga school.

Mukta’s philosophy classes were my favourite, I could have listened for hours to his wisdom. This is a very unique course and yoga school and it was everything I was looking for. Leela’s teaching is also exceptional and she embodies these powerful teachings, I am so grateful for everything I learnt from her.

Everything is so well structured and run. Both teachers are there to offer guidance and support should you need it. This is a yoga school with a warm caring heart but is also extremely professional.

The Yoga Shala is the perfect setting to practise yoga, a peaceful, open Shala surrounded by palm trees and only 2 mins walk to beautiful Agonda beach. Thank you Mukta for the gift of these teachings and this wonderful yoga school, I hope to be back.


Mukta Tantra Yoga TTC embodies awesome teachers. Their values of Spiritual integrity, commitment, and excellent knowledge are unparalleled. If you are serious about your spiritual commitment to yourself and others, I highly recommend this yoga school.


An experience that brought me deeply inwards – back home. I’m feeling more present than ever in my life; a deepened sense of awareness with my connection to all things, and a greater sense of reverence for life. Thank you 🙏🏽


I will be eternally grateful to the universe for leading me to this training. More than a training, it was a transformative experience. I was left with an open and expanded heart, resonating with life. It was the first time I got to experience true freedom, uncovering a path of joy and service. The meaning of Yoga, and our true nature, was revealed. I recommend this training to everyone, experienced or not, as you will find your pace and benefit from every single moment. Mukta and Marine will provide invaluable knowledge and tools which you will be able to make yours, forever.


I’ve been teaching mental health focused yoga for about 3 years, and have gone through quite a lot of education and certifications to get to this point, both personally and professionally. This YTT was better than expected. It was a deep experience that truly added new tools to my own practice and to what I’ll be able to share to help others. I’m thankful to have participated.


A life changing TTC! Mukta and his wisdom will forever be a reminder of what I am here to do. Would highly recommend the TTC 🙏🏼


Mukta Tantra Yoga is the best school to know about what is Tantra. For me it was new to learn but it made me more clear about my vision and to know and to go on the spiritual path.
How to be clear in the life, vision and to know yourself and if wanna go for the spirituality this is best school to choose and have the benefit of it. I will recommend Mukta sir and Marine as they are the best in it.


The course is transformative. Covering postures and alignment of Asanas but even greater is the knowledge of ancient Indian Tantra that Mukta and Marine hold. I think Tantra yoga is how authentic yoga began and you can see why it has carried on through thousands of years. Aside from that, the shala is beautiful and very close to the beach and restaurants. The schedule covers the many limbs of yoga and philosophy. I couldn’t wait to get to class each day. The only bad thing about the course is when it finished.