I’ve been teaching mental health focused yoga for about 3 years, and have gone through quite a lot of education and certifications to get to this point, both personally and professionally. This YTT was better than expected. It was a deep experience that truly added new tools to my own practice and to what I’ll be able to share to help others. I’m thankful to have participated.


A life changing TTC! Mukta and his wisdom will forever be a reminder of what I am here to do. Would highly recommend the TTC 🙏🏼


Mukta Tantra Yoga is the best school to know about what is Tantra. For me it was new to learn but it made me more clear about my vision and to know and to go on the spiritual path.
How to be clear in the life, vision and to know yourself and if wanna go for the spirituality this is best school to choose and have the benefit of it. I will recommend Mukta sir and Marine as they are the best in it.


The course is transformative. Covering postures and alignment of Asanas but even greater is the knowledge of ancient Indian Tantra that Mukta and Marine hold. I think Tantra yoga is how authentic yoga began and you can see why it has carried on through thousands of years. Aside from that, the shala is beautiful and very close to the beach and restaurants. The schedule covers the many limbs of yoga and philosophy. I couldn’t wait to get to class each day. The only bad thing about the course is when it finished.


My experience at Mukta Tantra Yoga was nothing short of amazing. The practical and philosophy teachings complimented one another. This for me was a life changing experience. I will definitely be visiting the school again as Mukta has a lot more knowledge to pass on and I am very keen to learn more. I would highly recommend this to other students wanting to learn traditional Tantra yoga.

Melinda J.

For years I looked for a school to complete my yoga teaching certification and it wasn’t until I found Mukta Tantra Yoga that I felt I had found what I sought: authenticity, a non-gimmicky approach (not money grabbing), contents of teaching rooted in ancient Indian practice, the list goes on. This program is not trying to be a yoga program with all the bells and whistles or a yoga facade- it is straightforward, applicable to everyday life and honest. I have only good things to say about both lead teachers and my experience with them. In fact, I would like to continue my training with them in the future. It may also be noted that this yoga style is in a lane of its own. Tantra yoga is more meditative by design, eyes are closed, and the whole experience promotes going within oneself. Not only do I feel this training equipped me to serve my community as a teacher, but also helped me (and continues to help me) go forward as the best version of myself. If you are in a professional field such as psychology (like me) and wish to incorporate holistic therapies like yoga and meditation in your methods of client care, this training is perfect. 10/10. In so much love and gratitude~

Michael E.

I have completed the Mukta Tantra Yoga teacher training in France in March 2022. I highly recommend it to true seekers who want to dive deep into authentic yoga practice: I was trained in asana, tantric breath, mantra, yantra, tantric philosophy and life-changing meditation and self-inquiry techniques…

My expectation was to learn about yoga beyond simple asana practice, about real yoga that has the power to transform me into a better version of myself. Today – two weeks after the course, I feel like I have all the tools.

Thank you so much, Mukta! I will go on with practice for sure!


I joined the Mukta Tantra Yoga training in March 2022 in France. More than a training, it was for me a unique experience, I am feeling more grounding and at peace I discovered an authentic and traditional yoga. I’m very grateful to Mukta Tantra Yoga for all the wisdoms and experiences sharing. It is a life experience. Now I have plenty of tools to continue my spiritual journey.

In my point of view some of the main positives point of the training :

-The authenticity of the training. In an accessible way Mukta guides us in philosophy and helps us to make our own journey.

– Very good construction of the program. We progress step by step, in an intelligent and clear way. The whole process is Amazing

– Very good organisation. The schedule of the day and weeks was great and we have Time to integrate everything

– The written lessons, delivered after each theory are very well done, condensed and clear. I quickly know where to find the points that we learn about

– Quality for every details : practice, theory but also all logistical things (accommodation, foods…). Mukta and Marine made sure that everything was perfect

– The possibility of being able to gain confidence by experimenting to lead a whole class. I feel now confident and ready to guide a class.

Thank you Mukta and Marine


I have completed the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in the South of France. Authentic teaching in a tantric tradition: Asana, tantric philosophy, mantra, yantra, kundalini yoga, meditation and more techniques…

I recommend it for those who are looking for yoga beyond asana alignment, those who want to progress with their personal development, those who want to transform into a better being, those who want to practice yoga for real.


Mukta is the real deal – he will not give you the answers, he will get you to discover them for yourself. His words remain with me to this day; invaluable teachings. He and Marine make a great duo and you will be well and truly supported in your training. Highly recommend !