My first Tantra experiences at Ashramaa in Arambol are a significant step in my spiritual path. I feel more connected to the universe thanks to the teachings and practice brought with great love and intention. Thank you!


A moment of relaxation and a very beautiful experience with Mukta who immediately put us in confidence and especially made us share this spiritual universe. I was able to benefit from his knowledge, his passion and his great experience: listening, adaptation, patience, technique. It was a wonderful discovery, in a respectful and caring way. I feel more grounded every day, much more at peace in my heart and mind. It was a very purifying experience for me and helped me in my current life. A beautiful experience that makes me want to continue.. Thank you very much.


After three days with Mukta you feel like having made one big step forward on your spiritual journey and you realize that a lot of things you have been doing before where just spiritual or worldly entertainments that distract yourself from the blissful space that you are. For me the workshop was a true and deep eye-opener.


Mukta Tantra Yoga training has been really amazing for me. I am very thankful to Mukta who help me to change my life completely I am looking forward to come back again with my family.


I am very happy I attended Mukta’s teachings, made me understand how I can take change over my life and helped to make massive changes in short time. Mentally I’m much more clear and emotionally balanced. I recommend to everyone for a unique and eye opening experience.


Mukta changed my perception over the way I look at Life and myself. He taught me about the basics of a healthy mind and understood what it really means meditate in every moment of Life. I learned about a healthy lifestyle and i am able to focus on a deeper level regarding my self inquiry. I’m very happy and grateful!


Real knowledge is not written in books, not said in spiritual words.. Real knowledge is lived and experienced with sincere and wise teachers like Mukta .. Mukta is one of a kind person .. very generous in sharing his deep knowledge and experience. The course is very intense in its composition and information, with the flow of beautiful energy and love.. If you are looking for spiritual growth this is the right place to start your journey.. All my love and gratitude to a beautiful teacher Mukta…


I recently did the Teacher Training with Mukta Tantra Yoga even though I didn’t plan to teach but for my own growth. I feel much better from every angles, more at ease with myself and grounded inside. I did yoga for a while and this is nothing like hatha yoga! It goes deeper in understanding human psychology and really gives tools for daily living. Brilliant life transforming course!! Thanks Mukta


Just passed a TTC which was a deep-going journey for me to more clarity and awareness. A place for self-inquiry and inspiration. I would absolutely recommend it!


I’ve been practicing yoga regularly for 6 years and Its been a good journey, healing and life changing. Then I started to feel like where is this going to take me? Like something was missing. I went travelling in India and circumstances led me to Mukta Tantra Yoga class. In the end of the first session my whole being experienced the depths and the power of yoga. I am grateful beyond words for Mukta’s teachings and to all the generations of great teachers an Mystics that came before him who made this possible for us to explore.