Mukta Tantra Yoga brings you the true essence of what yoga is really all about, union with the self and relaxing into your true nature. I’m so thankful that I chose a program that didn’t simply validate my idea of what yoga “should be.” Coming from a very masculine background of intense Bikram style yoga, this tantric yoga took me out of my mind and brought me in touch with my senses, my softness and femininity. I felt in touch with the source of this ancient tradition through body, mind and feeling. I found myself laughing more, letting go—realizing the beauty and results of yoga are in its simplicity and freedom. Thank You Mukta Tantra yoga for delivering an honest and original training.


I highly recommend Mukta Tantra Yoga for a beautiful heart and mind opening experience. My 200hr teacher training program helped me discover and overcome some deep inner core beliefs and I now feel more back in the flow of my higher spiritual path. Thank you team I cannot express enough my gratitude for what you taught me. I hope to see you soon !


Six weeks after returning home from my 200 hours TTC with Mukta: life was never so easy and mindful. I gained so much peace and awareness that don’t fade, but seem to increase every day. I feel bigger and wiser. I feel that practicing the tools and philosophy learnt in the course drive me in the right direction. Solid. Strong. Newborn.

I recommend with no doubt and I will come back soon! Thank you Mukta for crossing paths 🙂