I feel blessed to have done this unusual teacher training that taugh me how to become first a more integrated person before teaching others, understand my mind and the psychology behind and to come back home to my true self. This is real meditation I feel, the one that makes me grow and not just to get a certificate.

I did another “regular” TTC before and can say by far this one is the real deal, not looking to entertain students or convert us to any system or Hinduism, or feed on our traumas but rather to make us face life as it comes and understand our traumas to overcome it. This course integrates what traditional Tantra Yoga, Kundalini and chakras and meditation is all about and I leave not only with a more purified body but specially more purified mind and heart. This time I feel I don’t need to do more course to look out there for happiness, I have enough inside and feel exited to live life!!

Thanks Mukta for being so generous sharing your life experiences from your heart. Namaste