Melinda J.

For years I looked for a school to complete my yoga teaching certification and it wasn’t until I found Mukta Tantra Yoga that I felt I had found what I sought: authenticity, a non-gimmicky approach (not money grabbing), contents of teaching rooted in ancient Indian practice, the list goes on. This program is not trying to be a yoga program with all the bells and whistles or a yoga facade- it is straightforward, applicable to everyday life and honest. I have only good things to say about both lead teachers and my experience with them. In fact, I would like to continue my training with them in the future. It may also be noted that this yoga style is in a lane of its own. Tantra yoga is more meditative by design, eyes are closed, and the whole experience promotes going within oneself. Not only do I feel this training equipped me to serve my community as a teacher, but also helped me (and continues to help me) go forward as the best version of myself. If you are in a professional field such as psychology (like me) and wish to incorporate holistic therapies like yoga and meditation in your methods of client care, this training is perfect. 10/10. In so much love and gratitude~