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Teacher Trainings & Retreats – South Goa, India – 2020

Mukta Tantra Yoga is a Traditional Tantra Yoga of Kundalini, Chakras, Mantras, Light, Shaktis, Sounds, Vibrations, Prana, Elements, Meditations & Recognition. 

It is the Inner Yoga of Ancient India, the Yoga of awareness & presence! The secret of absolute freedom and awakening of intelligence!

Starting dates Teacher Trainings & 1/2 Weeks RetreatsAvailability
9th January 2020Ongoing
10th February 2020Few seats available
6th April 2020Available
4th May 2020Available
1st June 2020Available
6th July 2020Available
3rd August 2020Available
7th September 2020Available
5th October 2020Available
2nd November 2020Available
30th November 2020Available
11th January 2021Available
8th February 2021 Available
8th March 2021 Available
5th April 2021 Available

Please note:

  • Teacher Trainings & Retreats start with a Welcoming Ceremony in the afternoon.
  • Saturday & Sundays are off.
  • 1 & 2 Weeks Retreats follow the same program than the Teacher Training (excluding Art of Teaching syllabus).

Mukta Tantra Yoga is not Hatha Yoga or Kamasutra/Neo-Tantra/Spiritualised Sex or Western Kundalini Yoga or black/red/white Tantra. Historically, it is the only philosophy in the world that is not male chauvinistic and doesn’t discriminate between any nationality, class, color, gender and religion. It has evolved very differently in a non-dualistic environment and passed orally from generation to generation. This type of yoga cannot be found through self-claimed scholars or theirs books, itis not a commodity that you can buy, it is a heart to heart connection and a direct perspective of free mind. 

Mukta Tantra Yoga is only for those who are not looking to convert themselves from one system of belief to another. This is not a spiritual romantic escape or something academic to get trapped in, but a sign board to rightly understand oneself. In this way awakening of the true intelligence can manifest itself. Truth doesn’t belong to anybody or any system, we are it. Systems are tools to be used and not to get used by them.  Spirituality is not conforming to any pattern given by others or oneself, rather getting rid of all patterns (spiritual or worldly) is true spirituality.

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